Tonkawa District


Popcorn helps provide the essential funding that units and the council need to maintain and expand programs for boys - it helps provide the adventures they joined Scouting for. The popcorn sale gives the unit and council camping programs the funding they need to grow and improve.

Popcorn sales typically from August - November

You can find info on Popcorn on the Council Popcorn page


Camp Cards

Camp Cards are discount cards to various businesses and organizations that Scouts can sell to help pay their own way. Typically sold for $5 each and the Unit gets 50% commission.

Camp Card sales are sold in the Spring

You can find info on Camp Cards on the Council Camp Card page


Friends of Scouting

Money raised through Friends of Scouting provides the operating revenue to carry forth the mission of the Council. With your investment, the Council organizes new Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops and Venturing crews; develops and coordinates volunteer adult training programs; handles all advancement and member registration; maintains quality traditional summer camping programs for Boy Scouts and Cub Scout; develops cutting-edge high adventure summer and weekend programs for older Boy Scouts and Venturing; coordinates weekend activities and volunteer recruitment.

Friends of Scouting is completed through two primary strategies. One, the community alumni and other interested business leaders are invited to a breakfast or luncheon and told the story of Scouting in the area. This raises 60% if the Friends of Scouting goal. Two, families are invited to support the Council's efforts to directly and indirectly support their unit by making a tax deductible gift at the Blue and Gold celebration or a troop court of honor. This FamilyFriends of Scouting raises 40% of the Friends of Scouting Goal.

The District will send a Friends of Scouting representative to one unit event each year. Your District Friends of Scouting coordinator will be in touch with your unit leaders to schedule a date.